TruSkin —

Positioning, messaging and brand design converge to elevate an
e-commerce disruptor.

The Project

The fastest growing segment in the beauty industry, skincare is a quickly evolving category with big successes and big failures. To survive and thrive at retail, TruSkin needed big ideas and stellar execution. Speaking to today’s skincare literate consumer, GGB, in partnership with global brand house 1HQ, reimagined TruSkin to be clear and honest with an ingredient-centric positioning.

TruSkin Serum Package Design
TruSkin Available Online at Target & Walmart
TruSkin Moisturizers and Creams Package Design
TruSkin Side Panel Tips

TruSkin is the #1 skincare line on Amazon, amassing a loyal following, but translating our online success into a shelf strategy for DSM and specialty retailers was a challenge. Goldstein Group Branding and 1HQ were the strategic and creative team we needed. Together, we created a targeted brand positioning, storyline, and 113 SKU segmentation strategy which resulted in an ingredient infused, engaging, color-coded design system. The positive trade reception and orders confirm that GGB/1HQ was the right choice. We’re thrilled to launch our brand at retail and look forward to the future.

Mark Chester
COO, TruSkin Brands

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