Crystal Case History —

Crystal-clear solution to a multi-faceted brand restage.

Multi-Faceted Positioning

Repositioning for a successful brand identity restage means taking stock of the category and visually mapping all-white spaces to tap into—in the case of Crystal, repositioning as a natural and emotive brand would allow it to speak the contemporary language of today’s natural deodorant category while positioning itself firmly in a visual space of its own.

Crystal Deodorant Brand Positioning

Before GGB

Before GGB’s industrial design team redesigned Crystal’s structure it was frequently shelved in pushers but was not stable enough at the base to stand upright–the brand had reached a tipping point!

Structure Says it All

A nod to the brand’s mineral origins, GGB’s award-winning industrial design team created a patented crystalized cap and blow-molded bottle designed to keep from tipping over.

Owning a Shape:
Crystal’s Structural Process

Crystal Deodorant Structure Sketches
Concept Sketch
Crystal Deodorant Structure Gray Renderings
Pre-3d Gray Rendering
Crystal Deodorant Structure 3D Development
Final 3D Development
Crystal Deodorant Structure Dieline and Art
Dieline & Art
Crystal Deodorant Structure 3D Rendering with Art
3D Rendering With Art
Crystal Deodorant Structure 3D Prints
3D Prints & CNC Parts

Timeless Style

A color-coded floral motif aligns and identifies all the scents. An arrow symbol to indicate “24-hour” protection helps Crystal stack up against the competition on-shelf. A blockbuster example of GGB’s interdisciplinary know-how in OTCs.
Crystal Deodorant Front Label Graphics
Crystal Deodorant Icons
Crystal Deodorant Roll-On
Goldstein Group Branding’s ability to incorporate the latest marketing trends into the development of strategic platforms with deep emotional resonance has resulted in successful brand packaging endeavors for us.
Peter C. Mann
Operating Advisor, Juggernaut Capital Partners

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