Aleric Case History —

Function meets beauty in a global Rx-to-OTC Switch.

A Polish Positioning Speaks a
Universal Language

After the hugely successful redesign of Ibuprom, USP Zdrowie, a leader in the Polish market for OTC medicines, returned to Goldstein Group Branding. GGB’s designers worked to gain consensus among key stakeholders and grounded their strategic thinking into positioning camps that were anchored to key descriptors. This process informed a transcendent visual language that highlighted Aleric’s value to consumers on a subconscious level.

Phase 1 Concepts

Aleric Spray Phase 1 Concept 1
Aleric Spray Phase 1 Concept 2
Aleric Spray Phase 1 Concept 3
Aleric Spray Phase 1 Concept 4
Aleric Spray Phase 1 Concept 5
Aleric Spray Phase 1 Concept 6

Structure with Purpose

Lovingly nicknamed “the theater,” the carton design developed for Aleric Spray features unfolding front panels that provide an arresting stage and allow the pharmacist to show and explain the product.

Aleric Spray Package Design
Aleric Spray Device

I selected GGB to create the brand re-stage of my largest brand in Poland, as well as our corporate identity, because of their unique branding techniques and on-target creative which have revolutionized the way we view the connection between brands and consumers. I respect the firm and the outcome, which has delivered a measurable ROI, quantified via research and awareness.

Katarzyna Kusmierz
CEO, USP Zdrowie

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