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Terri Goldstein’s network positions and grows Wellness, OTC, and Rx-to-OTC Switch brands, expertly guiding you from design and regulatory submission to e-commerce and retail dominance.


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Defend-EEZE Package Design


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Terri Goldstein and her expertise in brand packaging, FDA navigation, merchandising and the development of ownable brand assets are now available via two new pathways.

Path 1 —

Unmatched Expertise

Terri and her evaluation lens plus her curated network of top-tier independent professionals are available to assist with:
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Retail, E-Commerce & Acquisition Asset Evaluation

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FDA Navigation

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Graphic Design

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Industrial Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

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Naming, Regulatory Copy & Claims

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Consumer Market Research

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RFP Process & Evaluation Criteria

Path 2 —

Best in Class Agencies

Terri has selected two expertly curated agency teams understanding brands have different needs at different stages of their development:

LAM Design

A global full-service agency where Terri aims to amplify her impact on a broader scale while maintaining her commitment to Rx-to-OTC switch with superb creativity, excellence and innovation.

Cuticone Design

A boutique agency known for its personalized approach for clients that seek a bespoke branding experience, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled creativity.

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Meet Goldstein Group Branding Network.
Terri Goldstein GGB Partner

Terri Goldstein

Founder & CEO

Carl Andress GGB Partner

Carl Andress

Managing Director/Advisor

Carson Ahlman

Industrial Designer/Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Weinman

Research Director/Advisor

Michael Lafortezza

President of LAM Design
(A Company of Mod Op)
Network Firm

Joe Cuticone

Cuticone Design Principal
Network Firm

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