Starkey —

Package design that makes noise on shelf and online.

The Project

The new Starkey Hearing Technologies was designed with our proprietary Shelf Sight Sequence™ using consumer’s visual cues in order of their sequence of cognition. Each color, shape, symbol, and word was created with distinction, prominence, and ownability in mind. A strong deep purple was assigned as the base color due to the over-saturation of blue in the category. Jewel-toned messaging bars clearly differentiate among offerings and build a strong shelf strategy. With the strategic design expertise of GGB and the savvy brand strategy of our Starkey partner Altus, Starkey stands head, shoulders and ears above the competition.
Strakey Ear Drying Drops Package Design
Starkey MiraCell Soothing Drops Package Design
Starkey Ear Wax Loosening Drops Package Design
Starkey Ear Drops Package Design

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