Crystal —

Revitalizing the world’s leading natural mineral deodorant.

The Project

GGB’s success in revitalizing Crystal,  the world’s leading natural mineral deodorant, meant accessing our many skill sets and making sure they worked together synergistically. Smart structural thinking led to a distinctive blow-molded bottle designed to keep from tipping over on shelf, while retaining the same footprint – as well as securing a larger PDP. A patented crystalized cap, also created by GGB, adds a touch of luxury. A color-coded floral motif aligns and identifies all scents. An arrow symbol to indicate “24-hour” protection helps the brand stack up against the competition on-shelf.
Crystal Deodorant Roll-On
Crystal Deodorant Stocked in Every Walmart
Crystal Deodorant Icons
Crystal Deodorant Structure
Crystal Deodorant Before GGB

Before GGB

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