Aleric —

A refreshing balance between compliance and design strategy.

The Project

When USP Zdrowie, a leader in the Polish market for OTC medicines, switched their breakthrough anti-allergy steroid from prescription to OTC, GGB had to carefully balance compliance to the European Union’s regulations with a consumer-centric design strategy. With this unique expertise, GGB set about completely transforming the Aleric brand, starting with a secondary carton that was lovingly nicknamed the “theater” for its unfolding front panels that provide an arresting stage for the product, all in a design that captures the ethos of breath and relief.
Aleric Spray Structure Unfolded
Aleric Spray Front Panel
Aleric Spray Device
Aleric Spray

I selected GGB to create the brand re-stage of my largest brand in Poland, as well as our corporate identity, because of their unique branding techniques and on-target creative which have revolutionized the way we view the connection between brands and consumers. I respect the firm and the outcome, which has delivered a measurable ROI, quantified via research and awareness.

Katarzyna Kusmierz
CEO, USP Zdrowie

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