Defend-EEZE —

Just one dose a day for enhanced immune health.

The Project

In a post-pandemic world, no other category is bursting at the seams quite like the immunity shelves. As a new offering among so many fierce competitors, Defend-EEZE needed to cut through the noise to prove its place on the shelf and highlight its unique points of difference: Delicious flavors, a trusted parent brand, and the simplicity of a single daily dose. Utilizing our proven Shelf Sight Sequence™, GGB’s team was able to craft a design that communicates a new promise of daily defense, while maintaining an essential connection to the Cold-EEZE brand.

Defend-EEZE One Dose a Day Shield
Defend-EEZE Pomegranate Flavor Illustration
Defend-EEZE Elderberry Flavor Illustration
Defend-EEZE Tagline